Sunday 16 March 2014

The White Paper & Private Sector HRD Practice (Event)

If you haven't had time yet to read and digest the significance of the White Paper for Post School Education & Training, then this short event this week organised by the SA Board for People Practice (SABPP), will summarise the key themes and how they impact practitioners in the private sector.

What have you heard said about the White Paper? Some have dismissed it out of hand as just another layer of irrelevant government policy, "same old, same old," divorced from the tough realities of the private sector.

Far from being that, the White Paper represents a significant evolution in the vision of the Dept for Higher Education & Training (DHET), one which is more mature and more in alignment with private sector realities than anything we have seen since 2009.

However the White Paper ups the game for L&D practitioners in the private sector.
The environment now becomes more supportive of those learning initiatives that, indirectly or directly, support the broader social and educational priorities, and less supportive of those who don't.

To find out more about how the environment has changed, and what DHET's priorities will be between 2014 - 2030, attend this morning discussion at GIBS on Wednesday 19 March.

As part of my research for the 2014/15 Skills Handbook, the White Paper has been an important milestone in clarifying how government sees the challenges and solutions for the years ahead, and where it will invest our considerable resources as a country.

The days when government and the private sector could go it alone in their own silos have come to an end. Collaboration and mutual benefit have become essential for any role-player wishing to effect genuine social change or sustainable profitability. This event will help make you aware of the areas in which your L&D practice can piggy-back on government initiatives that simultaneously further your organisational objectives.

Event details:

  • The event is on Wednesday 19 March, so please book immediately to avoid disappointment
  • It starts at 09h30 at GIBS in Illovo (26 Melville, Road - click the "location" link at the bottom of this post to open a Google Map of the address)
  • It costs R500 per person for SABPP members, GIBS partners, and accredited providers, or R750 for others
  • The event includes a Q&A response segment as well as a segment to collectively reflect on and discuss the White Paper and write a formal feedback report to DHET based on our perspective as HR practitioners 
  • Joining us will be John Pampallis, Team Leader of the White Paper Development Team, and special advisor to the Minister of Higher Education & Training  
  • I will be presenting a segment on the "Private Sector & the White Paper" which will look at aspects of specific relevance to employers, providers and practitioners outside of government
  • Attendance at the event credits you with 2 CPD points via the SABPP
The booking form can be viewed and downloaded below.

See you there...!

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