Tuesday 22 April 2014

SAQA's new NQFpedia - helping you navigate the acronym jungle

NQFpedia is a great tool just launched by SAQA to help simplify the NQF for new-comers, and experts who have to keep up with the continual changes:

Besides providing a one-stop shop for all NQF acronyms and terminology, the site allows commenting on each term, and cross-references related terms.

You can also download the whole glossary as a PDF file, though we suggest you rather popularise the live website link so that we can start a social media process of commenting on the terms and providing feedback to SAQA.

The Green Paper, White Paper and various research reports since 2009 have called for a simplification of the NQF, and noted the difficulty of navigating its complex terminology. The NQFpedia is a welcome response from SAQA to make it easier to understand these important terms, and how they differ across the three sub-frameworks of the NQF.

Not content with one new development, SAQA has simultaneously relaunched its website, which is in our opinion simpler and friendlier, as well as more social (see the Tweet Bar on the right).


By the way SAQA announces a lot of useful news on their Twitter channel, @SAQALive, so its worth following.

You may also want to follow Joe Samuels, the CEO, at @SAQACEO2, and James Keevy (Director: International Liaison) at @jameskeevy, for tweets related to the NQF, or education and training in South Africa.