Sunday 16 March 2014

The White Paper & Private Sector HRD Practice (Event)

If you haven't had time yet to read and digest the significance of the White Paper for Post School Education & Training, then this short event this week organised by the SA Board for People Practice (SABPP), will summarise the key themes and how they impact practitioners in the private sector.

What have you heard said about the White Paper? Some have dismissed it out of hand as just another layer of irrelevant government policy, "same old, same old," divorced from the tough realities of the private sector.

Far from being that, the White Paper represents a significant evolution in the vision of the Dept for Higher Education & Training (DHET), one which is more mature and more in alignment with private sector realities than anything we have seen since 2009.

However the White Paper ups the game for L&D practitioners in the private sector.