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We are frequently requested to brief operational and strategic teams on developments in the post-schooling sector, as it has been characterised by rapid change since the year 2000.

This field is also dense in specific terminology (or jargon) which unfortunately increases the difficulty of getting up to date with developments.

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Nevertheless from a human capital perspective as well as government policy and social impact perspectives, developments in this space are increasingly important and relevant to executives, policy makers and researchers, many of whom fall outside of this specialised realm and therefore require a "plain English" introduction.


  • Sessions are facilitated by Mike Stuart, editor and primary author of the Skills Handbook. Mike meets with an extremely diverse range of role-players in this sector as part of his work in developing the Handbook, and has a birds-eye view of the sector which is rare
  • A 30 page manual is provided to each participant
  • An online discussion forum can be established for ongoing support if required
  • The cost is a R8,000 ex VAT facilitator fee for a one-day session. With the maximum 25 participants this works out to R320 per person
  • The content of the session can be selected from an extremely wide range of topics in the post-school sector (see below)
  • Currently only available as an in-house session and shorter conference or seminar sessions (as a speaker)
  • For more information download or view the brochure below


Over 249 topics comprise the Skills Handbook, and these are all available as content for the information sessions. Please inquire if you have other topics in mind that are not listed here.

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