Wednesday 28 May 2014

National Scarce Skills List - Call for Comments

You may remember Dept Labour's National Scarce Skills List? It has not been updated for a long time, due to changes and improvements taking place in the way it is developed. Now the DHET has just released a call for comments on the top 100 occupations identified in the updated National Scarce Skills List.

Why comment?

Your comments are important. The National Scarce Skills List informs the immigration policy of the Department of Home Affairs, and also guides and directs considerable investment by the public and private sector in educating and training people to fill the identified scarce skills. The list also informs the career choices of students.

View or download the list below and submit comments to Ms Mmaphake Ramasodi by 20 June 2014. Please also tweet your comments with the hashtag #scarceskills, and these will be listed below as they appear on Twitter.